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Malabar is a casual place where we go to enjoy a spontaneous, fresh and healthy meal made with organic and sustainable products. In Malabar we value the work of the artisans of the sea and the small producers, promoting a responsible consumption.


We work with fresh and seasonal products


Our oceans are now in a state of global crisis, brought about by overfishing - the single biggest threat to ocean life.

In our kitchen, we work with small businesses across the contry and we try to help them adopt sustainable  seafood sourcing practices and improve overall industry standards.

This is our "Catch of the day and nasturtiums, organic carrots and chilli jam"


About us

At Malabar, we care to know where and how our ingrediets are produced. We believe that fresh, seasonal food begins with exceptionally clean ingredients, many of which are grown in our own farm.

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Where do ingredients come from? Who is the farmer? What are the farming practices? We believe the journey of the food before reaching our table is as importan as the food itself.


Taller Malabar

It is our own private space but with a twist: you will be at our production kitchen. Perfect for celebrations, business meetings or just to be with friends and have a good time. A place for creation, spontaneity and learning. Interactive classes and private dinners conducted by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

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